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The beginning
Early on - at the age of two, you can see the picture above - I (Daniel Mechling) showed an interest in model railways. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents each had a board with a railway system. The Märklin H0 was for us children to play with and the Minitrix was more for observing. Both standards can be used to simulate excellent train accidents. At the age of 10 I got my own train - of course in N gauge - which was stowed in the classic way on a plate on the cupboard. I had the brightest eyes at Christmas when a BR 103 from Fleischmann and two double-decker cars were lying under the tree. The parents and school friends were busy building and driving.
When interests shifted in the teenage years, the model railroad faded into the background. It gathered dust on the closet and after moving to the first apartment of her own, it was completely mothballed.

The re-entry
Around 10 years later, a friend rekindled the model railway virus. After a long study, a small tram system with a 2-track long-distance train station was to be built for the coffee table. After a short planning period, the tried and tested were used and some leftovers were bought and built together on ebay. The tracks for a long-distance train ran all over the living room, while the little Kato tram made its rounds in the city.
But it did not stop. Everything they liked was bought on ebay, model railway exchanges and in classified ads. Often very desolate models. This is where training as an electronics technician came in handy. It was repaired what was possible. And at some point nothing worked anymore.

The spare parts are running out
The supply of spare parts turned out to be difficult in some cases and irreparable models were sold again. The big manufacturers and some competitors had some parts in stock, but the processing was sometimes very cumbersome and, not least, extremely tedious. As we as N-railroaders are patient, but still want to know promptly whether a replacement part we are looking for exists at all, the idea for a used spare parts trade came up.
At the latest when a huge box with defective locomotives was found in the attic, the decision was made.

The first shop
In March 2018, the already registered trade was supplemented by trading in model railways and the first online shop was set up. At that time still with Jimdo, because a very reliable and legally secure infrastructure was available. At the launch in May 2018, around 1500 spare parts were cataloged and available in the shop. From the beginning, the aim was to offer the largest possible, high-quality range with meaningful photos. A very special moment was the receipt of the first N-Bahn magazine with the first advertisement for Spur-N-Ersatzteile.de. Success was not long in coming.

The second shop
And so we had to look for a better system. Jimdo is simple and easy to use, but it is not designed for over 8,000 parts. After extensive research, we found what we were looking for. But now began what we had feared: The moving of the parts. A simple export-import and done was not possible. All parts had to be created individually, by hand, and re-cataloged. In just one month, with active help, it was done. The new shop was finished and is still developing.

N-gauge spare parts becomes Spur-N-Teile.de
Another major change followed at the turn of the year 2019. The name changes. Spur-N-Teile.de becomes Spur-N-Teile.de from N-gauge spare parts, because from now on the range will be continuously expanded. Everything that has to do with the repair and maintenance of N-gauge locomotives is gradually being added. Interested manufacturers and small series manufacturers are asked and some say they will deliver. In addition to the locomotive beds from CAD-CAM, decals, gears and accessories from KH-Modellbahnbau, the range is also supplemented by numerous electronic items such as cables, strands and LEDs.
Plant construction is also increasingly in focus. Lasercut from Micro Welten starts here. In the course of the year, in addition to signals and overhead lines from Mafen & N-Train, numerous small series manufacturers will also be added to the range.

One thing is clear, however
Our focus is the supply of spare parts. We now have several products produced ourselves and sell high-quality replacement products such as KaModel traction tires. Since the major manufacturers unfortunately do not want to supply us, we can only offer you engine carbon or new goods very sporadically. We try to find a solution in order to be able to continuously offer the standard wear parts of the "big ones". But with now over 35,000 parts, there should be something for everyone.

Own business premises
The sideline has now become the main job and in November 2019 two very exhausting weeks were reserved for a move. But it's worth it. We finally have space, are better organized and - last but not least - our own apartment is an apartment again. Since November 2019 we can finally call a small showroom in Munich our own. We are reintroducing the "long Thursday" and we look forward to every visitor. At the Spielwarenmesse 2020 we were welcomed in a much more friendly and open manner this year than in 2019. We have made a name for ourselves.

2020 and Corona
Immediately after the Spielwarenmesse, however, things seem to go very quickly. Even before we can finish filming our Yihaa-Rama (a dororama), the situation changes daily due to Corona. We make the best of the situation and try to maintain the supply of spare parts;) During this time, however, we were also - for us - a very big step. Contrary to all previous statements, we will try it once with rolling stock. But here, too, we leave out the "mass-produced goods" and concentrate on the smaller manufacturers such as nme, ASM, and mabar. We will see where the experiment leads us. Unfortunately, Corona also means that we cannot organize a big birthday extravaganza like 2019 as planned. The dororama is not finished, we are not allowed to let anyone into our showroom and time is running as fast as something else. So it will be a small, family anniversary and next year we will really turn it up again!

Where the journey is going
If we only knew New products and further developments for existing spare parts are planned for 2021.

Yours Daniel Mechling


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Your advantages:
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